CPA + small business accountant + your new righthand (wo)man

I am driven by the human connection. I crunch numbers, but I know there is a human side to business. My goal is to become an extension of your team and support you in ways that are meaningful.

I want to better serve you by understanding you and your business goals. I want to understand your purpose and values. Most of all, I want you to feel like I get you.

I started CoPilot CPA to create a space where I can truly connect with my clients. A place where I can help you own your accomplishments & achieve your goals.

How can I help you?

Monthly Support

Ready to let a pro take over your monthly accounting? You’ll find exactly what you need with my monthly accounting services.

Business Overhaul

You can have a streamlined + organized financials, you just need me on your team to make it happen. Relax + skip the stress.


Perfect if you need help getting organized + confident about your monthly finances or have tax questions and your swimming in muddy water.

DIY’ing your bookkeeping shouldn’t leave you feeling stressed.

If you’re feeling dread every year at tax time, it might be because you aren’t routinely handling your books.

Introducing the Money Manager template that will help you see how your business is doing, save for taxes, and pay yourself!

Just remember, you can’t GROW unless you KNOW!

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