Feeling overwhelmed with your business finances?

It’s time to take DIY bookkeeping off your plate and step into the role of CEO.

You remain in charge of the direction and decisions of your business. I’ll just be by your side, helping execute that direction by overseeing your finances every step of the way so you’re on the right track to getting where you want to go.

You are a powerhouse business owner.

Give yourself permission to invest in your business so you can own your role as a leader in your industry, while knowing your money is being managed to work for you—not against you.

Understanding your finances BEYOND your taxes is the key to growing and creating a greater impact.

Virtual CPA & CFO
your new righthand (wo)man

I am driven by the human connection. I crunch numbers, but I know there is a human side to business. My goal is to become an extension of your team and support you in ways that are meaningful.

I want to better serve you by understanding you and your business goals. I want to understand your purpose and values. Most of all, I want you to feel like I get you.

I started CoPilot CPA to create a space where I can truly connect with my clients. A place where I can help you own your accomplishments & achieve your goals.



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