A not-so-basic bookkeeping package that provides hands-on support every month.

You didn’t start your business to be a DIY bookkeeper… it’s time to pass the torch. Monthly bookkeeping services are perfect for the business-owner who’s ready to delegate, but can handle their own taxes.

Take a moment to ask yourself “Are the activities I’ve CHOSEN to focus on aligned to my vision and focus? Have I acted as a CEO and focused on only the ESSENTIAL things and delegating the rest?”

Every activity that you allocate time to should SERVE YOUR BUSINESS. 

Monthly bookkeeping services include:

Getting a full picture: The key to having a clear picture is staying on top of your records each month. You’ll get full service monthly bookkeeping that includes transaction entry, monthly reconciliation, bank feed maintenance

Monthly debriefs: You’ll get a set of financial reports every month with a video breakdown so you gain clarity around your financial and business goals.

1:1 Voxer support: We all have one-off questions every now and then. You can vox me anytime outside of our monthly check-ins.

Are you ready to say goodbye to DIY?

Starting at $350/month