Concierge Business Tax

An annual business tax package that provides hands-on support all year.

Concierge Tax is a done-for-you tax service for business owners looking for more than just a tax return. It’s ideal for businesses generating a healthy profit, so we can help you strategize on how keep more of your money.

Have you ever hired an accountant to do your tax return and felt like they just plugged your numbers into the forms without really understanding your unique situation? You probably didn’t really understand what you were signing.

Traditional tax prep services are missing key elements that can end up costing you thousands in taxes. 

Concierge tax services include annual tax prep, plus:

Tax planning + strategy: We sit down one-on-one twice each year to understand your business and strategize on what you can do to save on your tax bill.​

Quarterly reviews + estimates: We’ll review your financials every quarter, proactively inform you if we see any opportunities to save, and calculate how much you need to set aside for taxes based on your individual business and tax plan.

Year-round support: So we can really get to know your business and answer your financial and tax questions as they come up.

Are you ready for concierge-level tax support?

Investment starts at $2,400 annually