Tax Prep & Strategy

Tired of being ghosted by your CPA?

Perfect for business owners who knows they’re paying too much in taxes, but doesn’t know what to do about it.

Things you didn’t know you needed…

  • A CPA who future paces and does more than just preps your tax return.
  • A CPA that isn’t afraid to really analyze your numbers to find you the biggest savings.
  • A CPA that doesn’t charge you by the minute.
  • A CPA that wants to talk to you quarterly.
  • A CPA that won’t ghost you when you email a simple question. 
  • A CPA that combines tax accounting with tax strategy.

What makes this tax prep & strategy service special?

It’s not just putting your numbers on a form.

Think of it as having a BFF on speed dial. You’ll have year-round unlimited communication. You can count on me for ongoing support in your business whether is a quick question about deductibles or to ease your concern about a new tax bill you read about.

We’ll have quarterly meetings so we can keep track of what’s going on in your business to make sure we are optimizing every tax strategy available to you. Not only that, you’ll get direction on how to implement those strategies.

At tax time, you’ll know your deductions were maximized and you saved as much as possible without having to Google anything, because you’ll get a thorough walkthrough before anything gets filed with the IRS and your state.


The investment for our Tax Prep & Strategy service starts at $1,650 for LLC and Sole Proprietorships, and $3,500 for S-Corporations, Partnerships & C-Corporations.  

    It’s time to feel EMPOWERED

    “This is no traditional CPA service; Lisa helps you in any way she can. If you’re a small business owner, I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the money you make and that’s exactly what she did. She saved us tens of thousands of dollars that we were literally just throwing away. We cannot thank you enough. It’s been amazing.”

    “Lisa was thorough and went into the details on all the different types of tax benefits and opportunities. The thing I loved most was the in-depth approach that most CPAs don’t go through. If you really want to take advantage and get the most out of every dollar you earn, then I would recommend CoPilot CPA!”

    “When I ended up hiring Lisa, it was refreshing knowing I could get on the phone or email her anytime to ask questions about tax strategies and about other things I didn’t understand. I knew that when I invested in CoPilot CPA, the money was being used to help us get the results we wanted. Lisa is worth every penny.”